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Home Builder Highlight: Coventry Homes

So you decided to live in Fulbrook on Fulshear Creek? Now, that's a great choice. Since we know that you're already a good decision maker, let's take the next step. Let's help you find a home builder that will fulfill your needs. Our home builder highlight is Coventry Homes, an award-winning Texas home-building company founded in 1988. Choosing Coventry Homes to build your dream house offers an incredible amount of benefits compared to competitors in the industry. Here are three of those benefits:

1. Coventry Homes offers award-winning designs

Coventry Homes has received numerous awards for their home designs, on both a local and national level. Look no further if you would like a home builder who has been considered best product designer and best interior designer by many of their industry peers.

2. Coventry Homes builds eco-smart and energy-efficient homes

Coventry Homes prides itself on making sure your house will be built with the highest possible quality. That is why they have developed an eco-smart platform to maximize your home's energy efficiency and keep it environmentally friendly. Third-party inspectors assess the homes to confirm that they include resource efficiency, energy savings, and good indoor air quality.

3. Coventry Homes provides flexible floor plans

Coventry Homes understands not everyone wants their home built the same way, so they allow easily modifiable floor plans to make sure you go home happy. The Built Around You philosophy allows you to choose the exact features you want, from dramatic entries to majestic columns and much, much more.

Make sure you go home satisfied. Coventry Homes would like to help that happen.