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What’s out in 2023: New Home Interior Design Trends

With 2023 on the horizon many new homeowners are ready to make their mark on their homes in the new year. Interior designs ebb and flow, so here are three interior design aesthetics experts suggest are better left in 2022


Misplaced location

 Sure, that East Coast beach theme is great when you’re visiting Maryland for a vacation but carrying that theme in your Southeast Texas home can present a challenge. Pieces here and there that remind you of that trip last July are fine, however, a crab trap and Old Bay sign on the wall might be trying too hard. Instead, focus on the local niceties that make your current location unique and bring them to the forefront in your decor and themes.


Spark joy with . . . more

 While minimalism has its advantages, in 2023, less is not more in your home. That’s not to say that each room should be floor to ceiling with decor, but tasteful and timeless pieces that tell a story on their own or as part of an overall motif are the fresh style. Marie Kondo might not agree with this “more is more” trend and that’s ok because light and airy spaces can still contain more than one or two focal pieces.


You don’t have to lighten up

 Another popular trend on its way out in 2023 is the dominance of lighter colored fabrics, walls, and flooring. This doesn’t mean that dark, oak covered walls are coming back into style. What is in for next year are mixed wood tones and features that speak to the nature of each room where they’re placed. Mixing dark furniture and lighter paints can juxtapose one another in a friendly and inviting way.


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