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Why School Districts Matter When Buying a Home

School Districts tell a lot about an area. High performing districts are coveted by parents that care about their children's welfare. Those that have the means to pay for that welfare seldom hesitate when it comes to choosing the area they decide to move to. In fact, which school district a home is in is quite often one of the most important criteria a parent has when they are house hunting. 

Other than the obvious link between quality of education and child welfare, there are many reasons to build your new home in a good school district. In part, these include:

  • Homes in good school districts are typically priced higher than an equivalent home in not such a good district
  • If you eventually decide to sell your home, you will benefit from the inherent difference in value

In short, school districts have both direct and indirect impacts on the owner of a home. If you have the luxury of building a new home, why build in an area where the school district is sub-par? Not only would doing so adversely impact the market value of your home, it might be an important factor in just how comfortable you (or the eventual owner) will be living in a particular area.

Fulbrook is located in highly acclaimed Lamar CISD, who recently opened two new schools in the area. Schools in Lamar CISD are designed with smaller enrollments (high schools are capped at 2,000 students) to provide more opportunities for students.