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History of Fort Bend County

In Texas, and ninety miles inland from the coast, rests a place that many families call "home" -- a place known as Fort Bend County. 

Established from humble beginnings, Fort Bend County, TX, began as a two-room log cabin in 1837. During the 1850's, the railroad expansion from Galveston, TX to Richmond, made it possible for county citizens to make a living by becoming ready providers of agricultural products and raw materials.

However, the happenings of the Civil War vanquished the county's prosperity. Fort Bend County, like many other parts of the nation, came under great duress as a result of the war's duration and the societal, political, and economical hardships that came about because of it. 

From the 1880's to World War II, Fort Bend County's economy and community primarily focused on small and productive family farms. Manufacturing cotton and ranching soon replaced this focus. In the early 1920's, the discovery of oil and gas in Blueridge, TX, ignited the beginning of Fort Bend’s petroleum industry, which still exists today. 

During the early 1970's, and right along with its neighbor -- Houston, TX -- Fort Bend County expanded and grew significantly.

As of today, Fort Bend County, TX continues to thrive and offers a generous community in which to learn, play, and work.

As one of the fastest-growing large counties in the United States, Fort Bend County proudly provides a place to call "home" for just over 716,000 people. 

From its infrastructure to its workforce, and from its diversity to its demographics, the facts about Fort Bend County include the wish to extend you an invitation so as to offer you the same hospitable and warm welcome it has offered others since its historic, humble beginnings.