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How to Attract Wildlife to Your Yard

Love watching wildlife or hearing the sounds of the birds singing? Here are a few ideas on how you can attract wildlife to your yard when you live in Fulbrook Acreage Estates. 

Hang a bird feeder

To attract the widest variety of wild birds, you should consider placing a variety of bird feeders and food around your backyard. This will also make your outdoor space a more enjoyable place to sit!

Avoid directly feeding mammals 

Keep in mind that mammals such as deer, raccoons, skunks and possums should not be directly fed as they will become dependent on humans. This can leave them vulnerable to starvation. 

Grow a hedge

Hedges provide additional nesting areas for birds and small animals. They also help to shelter the garden. Suitable hedge plants include blackthorn, buckthorn, cherry plum, elder, hawthorn, hazel and privet. 

Maintain a garden of native plants 

Use native plants in your garden, either as landscaping or throughout your yard. Native plants can thrive in your climate’s specific growing conditions, and are often good sources of natural food for your local wildlife populations. 

Add a water source

Embed a simple water source in your landscaping such as a washing up bowl sunk into the ground or a small fountain. This will allow wildlife to thrive, particularly during the hotter weather in Texas. 

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Fulbrook Acreage Estates is home to 200+ acres of permanent preserved nature, dotted with adorning oak trees, pecans, wildflowers and more. You’ll find it incredibly easy to enjoy wildlife from your own backyard, with spacious homesites 1-3+ acres.